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Manifesting Power

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by Joseph Napolitano

As Mankind continues to dig deeper below the hollow shell of his physical existence he continues to rediscover things about himself that were once taken for granted by his forefathers, but have long been lost or cast aside.

It seems that every year research uncovers seemingly new capabilities of the human mind, many of which seem magical by normal physical standards.

Manifestation, while often misunderstood, is the capability of a normal human being to create a physical change in his existence through the power of focused energy. The source of this energy is the human mind, and the effects have been scientifically proven in the field of Quantum Physics.

The majority of people on this planet have been raised with the self evident belief that nothing happens without action. Buildings do not spring from the earth, cloth does not grow on trees, and crops do not spring forth every year because we need to be fed.

Human beings must trade time and physical energy in order for these things to materialize. The same thing occurs to us on a personal level every day of our lives. We do not awaken every morning fully bathed and clothed in clean garments.

Our mouths do not have a wash and rinse cycle for our teeth. Money does not appear waiting to trade for the next necessity or service. These are all the end results of physical energy focused in the present to produce a desired result in the future.

Energy, simply stated, is the ability to produce change. This is a universal fact which is evidenced every day from our sun to the smallest atomic particle.

Thought, as created in the human mind, is energy. When we concentrate our thoughts, we focus more energy to the task of producing a desired result. Would you be surprised to learn that this concentrated thought energy could produce results outside of the boundaries of our physical mind?

Are you living a life that meets your level of satisfaction? Do you live with sub-standard physical health?

Are you completely satisfied with your outward physical appearance?

Do you have the self-confidence to face the challenges of everyday living and to change the circumstances which seem to suck the life from your very soul?

Would you like to know the satisfaction of always having enough money?

If you discovered that every human being already had the capability to change all of these situations and more, would you devote a small amount of time to recreate your life?

Manifestation is the name given to the process of producing a change in our physical environment through the power of focused mental energy.

Manifestation is not accomplished by spending hours in deep meditation, but occurs as a result of retraining our everyday thought processes. The manifested results are not wishful thinking, but scientific fact.

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Bhagavadgita Translation and Commentary by Jayaram V Avaialbe in USA/UK/DE/FR/ES/IT/NL/PL/SC/JP/CA/AU

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